Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Benched in the Wind

It was 73 degrees in North Carolina today with a wind advisory. The unseasonable warmth and the strong wind around makes me wistful...

Maybe they saw you and you didn’t see them, or maybe it was the other way around. Maybe you missed each other by only an inch and meandered in every direction except the one that would lead you to each other. Or maybe your paths wound in such a way where you brushed passed each other for just a moment, caressing your skin at the touch. The twinge made you pause, but you were too caught in the current to exude the effort to let the moment linger, or gather any significance from the experience. You wouldn’t allow yourself to be stayed. Perhaps the wind was warm, causing your back to coil and your toes to flex with each goose bump. But maybe the wind was cold, and icy, making you cringe and shy away. Why didn’t you stay when the wind was warm, and the sun came out from behind the clouds that day?

The wind is an interesting creature. It likes to be gentle, slow and free. It likes to breathe, and see everything. It likes to be carried by its whims, and jostle things slightly in its paths. It tries to run from storms, but often get stuck in them. Sometimes it’s pleasant, at times uncomfortable. Sometimes it nudges us to directions we hadn’t planned on veering. Sometimes it knocks us off balance, and we have to pick ourselves up, or be humble enough to allow someone to pull us off the ground. Sometimes we get caught in the wind, and continue to jaunt from place to place, never settling on anything, anyone, or anywhere in particular.

I’m caught in the wind. Perhaps it’s time the wind brought me somewhere to stay. Perhaps it’s time the wind and I took a little break.