Friday, September 2, 2011

Benched at the Mall -Written March, 2011

Passers by, passers by, passers by. What are they passing by? Me, Lego, childhood, commitment, self-image, fancy meals, and the idea of perfection. Maybe they aren't passing by, perhaps they are passing through, brushing against their ideas of what could be, but not staying quite long enough to soak it in. Maybe if they had the means, or the time, they would decide to morph themselves into these things so coveted. What average, normal, oxygen-breathing human has the money to be their ideal image, or the time, or the patience? What about those anomalies, who do have the time and the means to plaster themselves into the life image they've contrived? Who of them is actually satisfied with every aspect of his or her life? I guess, hopefully, that none of them are completely satisfied. Change is growth.

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