Monday, September 12, 2011

Benched on the Trail

I actually wrote this quite some time ago, but I've found myself again falling into this rut of dwelling too much on the future rather than soaking in my life right now. "When I am done with school..." "When I get married..." "When I can travel..." "When I have a family..."

It's what I'm learning while I'm getting to where I'm going that makes up life. You have to become before you can be. --Just some thoughts.

Anyway, this is called,

"The Point of Fixation."

Traveling trails

Telling tales

Of paths that lead

To what we need

Memories reflected

Of things neglected

On the side of this road

If only we’d known

The past is past

So we race to find our ending

We don’t realize we’re wasting all of our time,


On we go, continuing to chase

This dream of perfection

Forgetting our reflection.

We try to finish the race,

Instead of savoring our pace.

Transfixed on where we’re going

We forget where we are.

Where are we?

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