Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Benched with the Storm

I’m in somewhat of a rainy mood. It’s kind of that lackluster feeling that doesn’t exactly have a name. I guess you could say that it’s fueled by working all day, sleeping the majority of the evening, and the glumly refreshing opaque sky outside my window. Before deciding to not chance my luck against a thunderstorm in my rickety car, I battled the compulsion to be social somewhere and the need for temporary solitude. I opted for the later. I frequently find myself fighting that battle against myself, and I never seem to win it, haha.

As I lay in bed, every so often I’d slip in and out of consciousness, with the flashes of light and rolling of thunder in my distant awareness. It’s like someone had plugged the world I live in into an outlet, resulting in the recharging of nature’s elements as well as my sanity. I wish I could tell you that I awoke feeling electrified or reenergized, however what pulled me completely out of my lucid coma was the chime of my text message tone. If you’re like me, you sleep with your phone beside your bed. Your excuse is that “it’s your alarm,” but really it’s there for that slight lift you get when someone texts you. Maybe I’m alone in that…haha

I’m not sure if you all are aware, but almost every time I sleep, for no matter how short of a time, I dream. It’s a rare occasion that I fall asleep without dreaming. Throughout all of my dreams during my nap tonight, there was always someone in the background on the phone. Guess who’s trying to soak in all of the details of her new job? It added a frenzied edge to my dreams, which stressed me out.

Do you ever dream about work or responsibilities? It’s like I work all day, and then I dream about work, so it’s like I’m working while I’m sleeping! I really can’t complain at all; I’m lucky to have had time for a nap. I’m sure that’s a luxury that will not always be mine. It’s also especially cozy to sleep while it’s raining. All I was missing was a cuddle buddy. A person would have been nice, but I would have definitely settled for my lost blanky. RIP “Bunny Blanky.”

I hope everyone had a great day today! I consider mine to have been quite pleasant despite this nameless mood that I seem to be in, haha. I’ll probably try to monopolize on that and try to be productive and clean the three bedrooms and the bathroom that I’ve taken over since my brother left on his mission. Goodnight!

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