Friday, September 2, 2011

Benched In D.C. -Written March 17th, 2011

"Cuddle Fuddle" Passion Pit

So I'm sitting here, in the middle of Dupont Circle, across from some statue that I'm not cultured enough to recognize. Sitting to my left on this very long bench, is a man in a business suit, green tie heavily dusted with shamrocks, with his legs femininely crossed, revealing a glimpse of a flaming green sock. Green shirts, pants, and scarves dot and plague the crowd of locals and passerbys.

-Too many birds. I move.

Now I'm comfortably soaking in the snarky rays of sun that have been so smugly hiding behind the cover of the clouds all winter. They laugh at all of us down here as they warm my cheeks. It's like they told the wind to play with my hair too, and the animals to be extra chipper to let me know just what I've been missing these few months.

"Tessellate" Tokyo Police Club

Strangers bike, drive, walk, and board by, each carrying their own air. A business woman walks by, carrying confidence and Chanel No. 5. An old man in a green polo with oddly fresh Nike's walks by, carrying a limp and a respect for modern fashions.

"Trades and Tariffs" The Dodos

An old man in a red long sleeved button-down walks by, strolling along two little dogs, nestled in a matching red stroller. A young brunette woman struts by wearing knee-high leather boots and a tight mini-skirt; she carries low self-esteem, masked by a fabricated sense of confidence in her apparel.

"Ride" Cary Brothers

All I seem to carry is an iPod, this notebook, and a purse full of things that no girl actually needs with her at all times. I wonder what aire I carry. I could attempt to diagnose myself, but that's not at all for me to decipher. I'll let that be everyone else's job.

"At the Beginning" from Anastasia...?...random

A piece of newspaper rolls by like a tumbleweed. Normally, if I were in Wilmington, I'd have picked it up and thrown it away. Something about how litter pollutes my semblance of paradise compels me to try to keep it clean. I suppose that's some subconscious attempt for me to clean my inner vessel while cleaning my surroundings. No excuse, I should have picked it up. I suppose that I assume that all cities are dirty, so this one would be no different, negating my compulsion to keep it clean. Rationalization.

"Black Balloon" Goo Goo Dolls

Here I am, a North Carolina bred, nineteen year old girl in a strange city. I hopped on the metro in Rockville MD, and here I am in Dupont Circle. I, Eve Naylor, walked half a mile from my cousin's apartment to the metro station, and allowed it to spit me out somewhere I'd never ventured to before. I then wandered around for an unknowable duration of time, stumbling into record stores and vintage shops, and eventually found myself eating a delicious meal of whole wheat cork screw pasta, swimming in a beautifully light pesto sauce with perfectly tender chicken slices running through it. There I was, by my lonesome in a little italian bistro, equipped with a Shirley Temple to drink to amplify my solitude.

"Fiery Crash" Andrew Bird

To anyone else, my situation might as well have been shouted through a mega phone and televised through the entire city by the way I was dawdling through the city, and eating alone alongside my iPod and classic "chick drink," with my phone next to my plate, per chance anyone should contact me.

"Wide Eyes" Local Natives

Little do these people know, I couldn't be more content in my solitude. I find this carefree spontaneity immeasurably liberating, and am fortunate to be so at peace. I know people who can't even sleep in their beds by themselves at night, let alone wander a big city on their own, but I couldn't be more opposite.

"Prove You Wrong" He Is We

Naturally I enjoy the company of others, and toy with notions and fantasies of walking hand-in-hand with the man I love who also loves me, flirting all the day long, stopping only to kiss whenever the moment warrants it, but that's just not where I am right now. I could be toiling over lost love, and whimsical hopes of a future with the man who currently has captured my heart, who keeps it only for reasons of pride, but where would that get me? That listlessness would surely consume this independent freedom that I so desperately need at this time in my life.

"Starts" Barcelona

A young, trendy couple is playing frisbee in the grassy micro-wilderness of this circle; there goes my confident independence. Another trendy, young couple walks past. The tall, dark, and perfectly hansom man has an expensive Cannon camera hanging form his neck, as the tall, brown haired and booted girl walks comfortably and magnetically at his side. Why must these couples be so young and trendy? More-so, why must they be so happy and in love, sharing the city? I could share the city, but not now.

"Sparrow" Scattered Trees

Don't worry, I'm still quite content and amazingly happy. I could not have asked for a more perfect afternoon. The sun is still warming my cheeks, and the wind is still mockingly playing with my loosely kept hair, all in Dupont Circle.

"The Remedy" Jason Mraz

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